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Truck, Trailers and Buses on the Information Super Highway

All Transport Needs was founded in 1999. Our objective then, as now, was to locate stock for those buyers who did not have the time to drive around town looking for a suitable vehicle for their needs. Initially we developed a website, to show off our stock and to attract customers. We now have a network of clients from all parts of the world who need vehicles and equipment for their businesses in Africa.

As an Assitport accredited dealer www.atn.co.za is a new and much improved version of the original site, using Assitport International's cutting edge internet technology. We now reach markets in the heart of Africa and locate new and used vehicles from our network of suppliers all around the world.

ATN is a recognised supplier of all popular makes of new trucks, trailers and buses with the ability to fit bodywork to suit our clients' needs, thus making us a one stop shop for all commercial vehicle purchases.

Some examples of our understanding of “arms length" truck deals done over the internet include

5 trucks and trailers, a bulldozer and back actor from our Johannesburg stock to a Canadian Mining Company when they established a new mine in Angola.
A German Hunger Relief NGO bought a new 8t 4x4 for delivery in Zimbabwe.
A Red Cross fleet of refrigerated trucks based in Malawi was sold by ATN to an operator in Zimbabwe.

We operate from a highly visible sales yard on the N12 freeway in Edenvale, Johannesburg, just 5 minutes from OR Thambo International airport. Here we carry our own stock, as well as displaying consignment stock for out of town sellers who want to sell in the broader market place.

Our Mission at www.atn.co.za is to be the industry's ultimate online solution to All it's Transport Needs. The website is designed to give the buyer, more control of the buying process and makes finding, a new or used vehicle that meets his personal needs, easier than ever before.

Trends show that we have moved into a new way of marketing - As more and more people get interested in what the web can offer. We have found that customers expect to make use of available latest technologies and do research online before they physically go out into the market.


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